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By biltong boy
#174322 What a blessing it has been for me to discover this site! Any advice on my situation would be much appreciated and I do apologise if I am asking questions which have been previously asked by other members.

I am a South African citizen who went to work offshore in Scotland but now live permanently in Thailand. During my time in the UK I got myself into debt and slowly but surely it got worse. For a time I was making payments via a debt management company but it came to a point where I could no longet keep up the payments. My total debt is about £15000, split between credit cards and an unsecured loan. I was also making loan repayments until I hit a hard patch at which point the UK bank shut my internet banking so I was then unable to make payments. To date I have not heard from them as but I have recently started getting phone calls from a UK DCA. I have not responded to or answered their calls at all but my wife dailed the number to see who it was that was calling. They have also got someone in Thailand who phones our number but so far nothing more than that. I have recieved numerious letters from them as from the time they purchased my debt for two credit cards but I have never responded to the letters either.

I'm afraid they may come around to our home here as they have obviously managed to find out my address. Please could someone advise me as to what I should do if they do send someone here to knock on our door. Would they be able to demand to see my ID or to enter the premises.

PS:- I left the UK in 2003 as I had a back injury and could no longer continue with my job there. While I was in the UK, I was staying there on 1 year visas renewed each year.

Thanks so much in advance for any help.
biltong boy