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#173429 Hi All,
Great site and some really good members, keep it up

first a bit of history.....
Was Liv'in in the U.K for a number of years, chalked up a number of Credit cards and a personnal loan totaling around £13000. I moved to Southern Ireland 4 years ago and to my shame just left the debt there. Had a few things going on in my life and needed to get away to sort them out.
I have not heard a single thing from any one about any of the debt since then as I never left any fowarding address. Since i came to Ireland I have moved Three times.

Got a letter in the post yesterday from a Debt company giving me ' Notice of Legal Action ' over just one of the debts owed to lloyds tsb.

My question is.....

Can they do anything to me in ireland from the U.K
Should I ignore it ??????

Cheers for any replys
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#173464 I certianly wouldn't ignore it!!

As a rule the answer is no they cant legally enforce it through the Irish courts, but and it is a big but, there have been a few (albeit it a very few) cases where the courts Irish courts have allowed it.

I think it has more to do with pursuit in European Union, and unless it is of VERY high value, then it is just not cost effective for the creditors to go that route, as they could shell out a small fortune and have the case thrown out.

Now having said that debt collections is changing all the time, and as a result, things could be changing in Eire, we just don't know Irish law, and that is the problem.

I would however suggest you talk to MABS (Money Advice and Budgeting Service) which you can find at or you could look at their links page which has a wealth of information and may link into a closer advisory service for you

#173552 Cheers mate, will look into that site

Thanks again
#174098 Hi again,
The amount that the Debt Company are chasing me for is around £8k.

Since it has been over 4 years since I left the U.K I cannot apply for a Bankrupt order.

What is the best way to deal with the Debt Company, I was woundering ....
Do they now own the Debt or are they just a agent for Lloyds.

Could I offer them a reduced settlement figure ( from reading this site I understand they buy them them for next to nothing). Would they accept this or what would they expect me to do e.g a monthly repayment. as they have no real ways of coming after me here in ireland

If I cleared this debt what are the chances of the flood gates opening and the rest of the Creditors coming after me.
just tyring to access my options
Thanks again
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