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By boom1
#172719 I have been living in the USA for almost 5 years now, but I'm desperate to move back to the UK early next year. I left some small debts behind (around 2000 GBP total for utility bills and a personal unsecured loan) and I was worried about CCJ's that might be on my record. I haven't spoken to the girl I used to live with in Wales and that was my last known address, so I don't know if anyone ever went there to serve papers, and my mother hasn't had any problems with people showing up at her door in England, so I know they've not been there.

It's a relatively small amount, but how would I find out if there's a CCJ on my credit file if I'm still living in the US? If I check my credit while still living here, can they trace me and sell the debt to an agency here? I've been married and changed my name since I left the UK but my NI number doesn't change.

I've learned some harsh lessons about getting credit, so I probably won't apply for anything when I return, but I'm worried about when I start to build a life there again. I'm assuming that this will catch up to me eventually. If they haven't tacked on massive amounts of interest or penalties in my absence, I'd be willing to pay it off as soon as possible, but I'll have almost nothing to go back with and won't have anything until I start working, and I didn't want to be harassed for ridiculous payment amounts until I could afford more.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I'll be staying at mum's until I can get a place of my own, and I didn't want my actions in the past affecting her life now. I don't know if a person's credit history affects the address they're living at, I know it used to blacklist an address if someone's history was poor, but not sure about now. Anyone know the answer to this?
By beatrix
#172753 Hi,

sad to hear that you are having some problems. There is a small thing that I do not understand. If you are going back to the UK for good in few months why would you be worried to be served papers over here in the USA? surely it will not matter anymore since you are leaving the USA for good. How much was the unsecured loan for and how old is the debt? you need to consider these fact in order to establish if you are jeopardizing your situation, however, since youhave not had any chasing up to now I really would not worry about it.