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#170532 i am worried sick that my UK debts could be sold to a Thai debt collection agency and would become recoverable under Thai law - i.e. with a baseball bat. Does any one know if this can happen and if so, how long after defaulting on payments would the debts be sold. Thanks
By tezza
#170541 i really would not worry about this. first of all how would they know to start looking for you in Thailand?

Also there are no agreements in place between the UK and Thailand for these sorts of things. So debts wont be sold on. Who would want to buy the debt? its too much of a risk.

A example would be. say i bought your debt for x amount. then i found you. then you left and went back to the uk? I would be stuck with a worthless debt and be forced to sell it back to the UK. I would be out of pocket. its just not worth the hassle.

Also besides just sending you letters etc there is not much more i could do.

rest easy.
By MaeRimMan
#172557 thanks for your reply Tezza. I'm sorry I havnt been able to respond but my wife had a baby 3 weeks ago and things have been kind of chaotic!
Some of the companies DO know I'm in thailand because my Dad accidently told them. Also a look through the transactions of the last 12 months show that many were in Thailand. So it isnt rocket science to work out I'm here. However this is a large country and maybe they wont find out where I am specifically. what do you think?
If there is no agreement in place between thailand and Uk does that mean they CAN'T sell the debt to this country or just that its unlikely?
If I could get a difinitive answer to this question it would make my life much easier! If teh debts cant be sold to a thai company i can front things out until the baby's a bit older and I can get back to the UKand go bankrupt. If there's any chance of the debt being sold here I will have to confront my dcreitors. I have a very small income here. Can anyone add anything to Tezzas comments?
By beatrix
#172754 CONGRAT on the new addition to the family.
It all depends how much are the debts that you left behind if we are talking baout a small debt i do not think that they will even bother if we are taling about a large debt then things might be different.
By Baramot
#174446 Hi MaeRimMan.

Maybe you can contact debt counselors in Thailand (such as CAB, CCCS in the UK)? Sure, if there are debt collectors looking for people in Thailand it should be kinda protection from them...

My guess is debt can be sold to Thai DCA and even if this debt cannot be enforced via local court system, nothing will stop them from "non judicial" recovery action