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By gunner1234
#168584 I have been out of the Uk now since April 2004, the last time I had contact with any of them. I have left debt there - long story - I have had no contact from any creditors since being here - my mother does still receive the occasional letter and phone call from them - I have now been granted my Green card and I am going back to the UK for a visit next month but she just had another call to which she told them she only hears from me occasionally.

I am now worried that I may be stopped at the airport or that I will have problems when there??

I am travelling with my partner who know nothing of this and I do not wish to involve him in this!

Could anyone offer me ANY advise - Thank you in advance
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By TalbotWoods
#168606 You'll have no problems.

Debt is a civil matter, so there can be no enforcement of the type you are worried about.

Congrats on the Green Card, and enjoy your holiday.

By biltong boy
#174447 Thanks Tim as I am hoping to visit the UK shortly again and was worried about the same thing as the poster.