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By Brickie
#168110 Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be asking another question, I am going abroad to work, I am in the process of setting up a dmp.
Could you help me please, whilst I am away I am going to a have mailbox/forwarding address. If I get taken to court for a ccj in my absence what happens? I am not sure what the process is, will I be penalised for not being in the country?
Sorry to be a bit naive but I dont want to cause myself any further troubles.

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By Yogi Bear
#168140 The Court claim and associated papers would be sent to your "last known" UK address. If they weren't then forwarded in time for you to respond within the deadlines you'd run the risk of getting a judgement by default. Not being able to attend the Court in person isn't necessarily a problem: most claims can be dealt with by post without the need for an actual hearing.
By biltong boy
#174448 What does judgement by default mean? If this happens can the have you deported from the country you are living in?

bilton boy
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By Yogi Bear
#174451 No. It simply means that if you don't respond to the Court claim within the specified time limit (normally 14 days), the Court will automatically grant judgement for the creditor. It's then up to the creditor to enforce the CCJ, but it's a civil matter and it won't result in deportation.
By tezza
#174455 you cant get deported for civil matters like this.