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By Brickie
#167577 Hi I am moving abroad for work, I will be working on building sites so no firm address. I am going to give up my rented house in the UK. Does anyone know of a mail forwarder or someone whom can manage my mail from cc companies etc whilst I am away? I dont want any of my family troubled as they dont know what trouble I am in. Can I just write to my creditors and give them an email address and phone number?
I am in the process of sorting out my own dmp.
By Skalla
#167603 Hello there !
You can rent a mailbox for about £18.00 per month and have your mail forwarded abroad for a few pounds by this company :
They have mail centres all over the country. Personally, I use the one in Southampton. Very friendly and efficient.
Your bank and card issuers will not like it (they want a residential address) but if you tell them this is the only address you have, they will use it after having grumbled a bit about it.
By Brickie
#167706 Thanks Skalla,

But how confidential are they? What if I have court proceedings bought against me - ie CCJ paperwork whilst I am away. Will they give away the forwarding address - I really would be embarressed if anyone found out.

Look forward to hearing from you.
By Skalla
#167760 Hello Brickie !
I do not know what would happen in case of CCJs (I have not reached that stage yet !!!) but, like any business, they would have to protect within reason the confidentiality of their clients.
I am sure they are quite aware that many of their clients use their services as a "buffer", so as not to be exposed directly to the unpleasant consequences of dealing with creditors. They are just a commercial service offering a mailbox and various associated services. They do not care what people use the mailbox for as long as it is legal.
You can tell them to refuse registered letters and not to sign for anything. I would probably say that they are subject to the same rules of confidentiality that apply to Royal Mail. Which means that they would not give your forwarding address to a normal creditor representative who just comes to inquire, as they would come to your doorstep if you had a residential address. But they would probably have to give this information to the police or to a court representative.
Do not forget that CCJs can be issued in absentia, so it does not make a big deal of difference whether your address is just postal or residential. The court would still issue a CCJ. And I suppose the mailing company would not care at all. They would just put the letter in your box as normal. They are not involved in your affairs. They are just keeping your mail for you and will be neutral as long as your activities are legal and you pay your bill.
Of course, this is my understanding as a member of the general public. I have no special knowledge of legal affairs. Maybe a better informed member of this forum could give his/her opinion on the legal aspects of using a mailbox. All I can say is that I have used this system for several months to keep in touch with my creditors because I live in temporary accommodation and do not want to be hassled by creditors despite doing my utmost to keep up with my obligations toward them (Banks do not care that you try hard ; they always want more ...).
Finally, you must not forget that, like any other human activities (and postmen in particular), there is the potential for human error : letters put in the wrong box, the creditors entering wrongly your address (this happened to me once : a one digit mistake in the box number and the letter goes to the neighbouring box ...).
But have you never had your postman giving your mail by mistake to a neighbour ? Complete confidentiality is hard to achieve nowadays. But, in the end, who cares ??? Nobody is perfect : Most people have debts, affairs, or aspects of their lives they would rather hide. Look at the way politicians are hiding assets or bishops having marital affairs !
So, if you have a CCJ against you, it is not the end of the world if a few persons know ... As I was told by the several debt advisors I consulted, when it comes to insolvency, to the banks, to the judicial system, to any other party involved, you are just a number, not a person ...
By Skalla
#168228 Hello Brickie,
I hope that what little information about postal addresses I posted on your thread helped you ?
If you, in turn, happen to have, at a later time, more information about CCJs and postal addresses, or any other related subject of interest, please post it either in your existing thread or in a new one.
We are all in the same situation and we can all benefit from one another’s experiences. Of course, I certainly hope that you do NOT get served with a CCJ while abroad and/or without a permanent address in the UK, but if it happened, it would be helpful for me to know how it went, as I may soon find myself in the same situation ...
I wish you the best of luck !
By Brickie
#169084 Hi Skalla,

I will do - thank you for all your advice.

Best Regards
By oliver1982
#169348 Not sure if this idea is any good for you, but...if you are going to be staying in the same city/town for a bit then you could get a PO BOX and give that address to your creditors.

I *think* from reading around the forum, that since you will be giving them your new overseas address they won't be able to get a CCJ against you...they can only get a CCJ against you using your last known address IF you haven't given them your new address.