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By studentindebt
#165905 Hi,

If me and my wife decided to move to Australia could they chase our debts there? We are thinking of going bankrupt but the fees would cripple us.

Any help appreciated.

By nomoneybigdebts
#167321 Hi studentindebt

I'm new to this forum, but from what I have read in here nobody will advise you to run away from your debts. I don't know if there is some sort of an agreement between Aus. and the UK, but I know a lot of countries have them these days and if they do they can trace you easily.

My advice to you would be sort out your debts first, be it with a Debtmanagement Plan, IVA or bankruptcy (on this you would have to get professional advice). How much is your debt for?

I'm sure you would constantly be looking over your shoulder in Aus. to see if anyone has caught up with you yet. And debts come and bite your rear when you least expect it.

Kind Regards
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By Nicky
#167377 Australia and UK do have reciprocal agreements, which means it is possible to be traced down in Australia. NMBD is correct to say that we would not encourage you to leave your debts in the UK behind in the hope you wont get caught out.

If bankruptcy is the option for you, it is possible to be exempt from some of the Admin fees if you are a low earner.

Take a look around the bankruptcy section and if you decide that this is a route you will take, then we can help you with any questions you may have.
By Titanic
Nicky wrote:Australia and UK do have reciprocal agreements, which means it is possible to be traced down in Australia.

Hi Nicky

How did you find this info out please? Do you have any web links, etc...?

Many thanks

By tezza
#168610 Hi.

sorry im only new on here but was reading the advice above.

There is in fact No reciprocal agreement between the UK and Australia.

By oliver1982
#168642 Yes, I have read lots of other threads on here and the Consumer Action Group Forums saying that there is only an agreement set up for criminal matters, not civil matters such as debt.

It is almost certain that the financial institution in the UK will be able to chase you down via partner companies in Australia (or whereever), however they will have no legal power to 'get' you, apart from extreme cases (from what I've read). Have a look further down these pages to find those in the know.
By tezza
#168651 Financial institutions in the UK cannot use thier partner companies in Australia to track you down. They are treated as different companies if you like running under different laws as they are setup in different countries.

Australia has its own and more tougher privacy laws which prevents financial Institutions in Aus passing over details to a sister company in the UK. its against the law.

Its very very tough and expensive for companies in the UK to track down and demand repayment of depts from people in australia.

If you ran up debts in NZ and moved to australia this would be a different matter.

By Titanic
#169004 Oh boy :? so now we have a yes vote and a no vote! This has become quite confusing (which Im sure the financial industry doesn't mind you feeling!) but it must be written somewhere which countries atleast, have reciprocal agreements. As not having them would not require written documentation!! :roll:



Surely the true answer must be recorded somewhere!!
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By TalbotWoods
#169013 Currently there are only German and Canada that have legally binding reciprocal agreements in place - so that civil debt can be chased.

However, that does not mean within the next couple of years one cant exist with Australia, we just don't know as there is little to no warning if these go into place.