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By markn
#162638 Hi

I've done a bit of pre-reading on this forum and found it very useful indeed.

My situation is similar to others, I owe about £22k to one creditor in the form of a loan a credit card and 2 bank accounts. I live in France. When I left I gave them my new address and paid my debts as arranged. Times changed and I can't do this any more.

My wife and I own a property in France jointly. The debts are in my sole name and were incurred before we were married and bought the house. We have no property in the UK.

The loan (16k) has 9 months to go before it is statute barred. the others are not in this bracket.

I understand from advice on other threads that the CCJ route can't be followed by my creditor because they can't serve the documents on me at an address in the UK.

So my question is, why then would they not go the Bankruptcy route? Can they ? What does this mean for my French asset?

Any advice gratefully received.
By biltong boy
#174449 Not 100% sure but I read in another post that they can serve the documents to you last known address.

biltong boy