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#472528 I have a debt of around 2400 pounds accrued several years ago in the UK. I was born in the UK but have not been resident for over 6 years and now live in Germany. At the time I moved I contested the debt and explained my circumstances and for the last 2-3 years I heard nothing from them, but in recent days PRA group (debt collection wing of MBNA) have sent me letters requesting I pay the full amount.

I am unemployed, have no assets in either country. I have no means to pay.

It is my understanding that there is very little they can do. They cannot obtain a CCJ as I am not a UK resident and my status plus the costs of other methods of recovery make them seemingly unlikely.

Please can you advise if my assumptions are correct or if there are any other factors I should consider.

Many Thanks
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#472529 We in the UK are unable to answer this question due to the fact we deal with UK debt in the UK. However, Jane has responded rom Ask the Expert and suggested you post in the worldwide section here which I notice you have done.
Hopefully someone who knows the German system or who has gone through the same thing there will be able to answer if they see it.
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