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By rick69
#469443 Hi all,

I haven't been resident in the UK since 2005.
I doubt very much I will ever live there again.

I have student loans from 96, 97 and 99.

Until this year I had been deferring on them. I had been tempted to ignore them, but mail was going to my mother's address and she was getting worried, so i managed to get paperwork to prove I was earning under the limit.

However, this year my situation does not fit into one of the categories eligible for deferment and I think mail is going to an old overseas address now (as requested) because I have had no annual reminder from worried folks back home this year.

This has made it easier to ignore, but it is still a niggling worry.

As the SLC is aware I have been overseas since 2005, in anyone's experience are they likely to try and get a CCJ?

If I ignore it, is it possible that there will be any potential grief in any form for my family? Theirs is my last UK address on the SLC's files.

Thanks & good luck to all
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By TalbotWoods
#469463 They may occasionally write to the last known UK address, especially if they know it was you parents address, to see if they have an address for you. Other than that there is nothing they can do against your parents or their property.

As you have made sure SLC know your last address, that will effectively prevent them from obtaining a CCJ as that has to be issued against a UK address ONLY, and by them confirming that they have your overseeing address, that stops that.

The suggestion here is to ensure that SLC know your current overseas address, as if after a while correspondence being sent to the old address stops getting a reaction, they 'may' assume you are back in the UK and avoiding them.

So if you are living overseas tell them, but remember there is nothing they can effectively do to enforce repayment if you live overseas..........

There is also something sticking in my head about Student Loans form around 1996/97, I will have to check this out, but I thing they may have fallen into a category which may mean that they cannot be collected. Please bear with me I need to check that one out, I maybe off the mark, but just need to check it for you.

By rick69
#469473 Thanks!

Ermm..slight complication.

I contacted the SLC and was told that the loans have been sold on to Eruido. I asked them to check the address they had on file and it was a UK address.

Contacted the folks and sure enough, my mum has received something from them.

This is annoying as I am sure I gave the SLC a new (overseas) address last year, but they have passed on her address to the new mob who she seems a bit scared of.
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By TalbotWoods
#469483 OK time to play (not nasty but at their own game).

You need to write to Eruido, just casually asking them to note your address, pointing out that your mother has posted the letter onto you.

Point out that your correct address was known by SLC and had been confirmed by them, so point out that Eruido contacting your mother that is nothing more than an attempt to bully and harasses. Unfortunately Eruido are developing a bit of a reputation for doing this.

Now at their own game.....tell them that you ae unable to locate your copy of the original credit agreements, so are not sure what or if you should be repaying at the moment, and if they could be kind enough to send you a copy you will deal with it. Make sure you emphasis your overseas address.

They will of course write to you like a rocket with a copy of agreement and necessary forms, thus confirming that they know you new address.

Stop panicking. They will have sent you a reconstituted copy, if you are even lucky enough the receive a copy. At that time it may pay to point out it doesn't contain your signature, and I am fairly most of the Eruido copy ones do not conatin the terms and conditions issued at the time.

Now to strike, point out that you WANT a copy of the original agreement, as you don't recognise some of the terms and until you receive a copy of the original agreements which MUST bear you signature, yo do not feel able to look at anything they are legally asking for!

And don't forget to thank them to writing to you legal abode, which if they wish to look at legal action they MUST serve the papers on!

And Breath.....

Eruido are having a massive nightmare locating old agreements, and nearly always give up. They ill need to produce an agreement for EACH year (there would have been one for each year).

Eruido, to date, have not attempted it try collection from overseas, especially when contented, due to cost to them.

IMPORTANT.... get someone else to sign the letter, so it is provably NOT your signature, just in case they try the old cut and past trick!!

Then sit back and wait, for, well hopefully nothing at all!