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#465243 Hi, We're Vietnamese students researching UK law on After-acquired property mortgage, some kind of mortgage using property - which established "after" the signing of mortgage contract - as a collateral. But it's hard to find and understand law about it.

Can you guys help us a hand? We appreciate if you could help us find - and maybe if you have time - give a short explanation about it.

Thank you for advance, your effort will help us alot! :)
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#465253 I think you are asking for help on the wrong site. This website and these forums are to assist people in the UK who are in debt or have some other financial problem.

I do not believe your enquiry falls within the scope of this website, but one of the Admin Team will confirm this for you.
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#465363 Hi and welcome

Gazza is right in what he is saying, and we will not be able to assist you.

Mortgage Law is a highly specialised field, so I think you may only find the answer with either a specialised legal practice, or though an accredited law school in the UK

Best of luck in finding your answers

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