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Written by Payplan Ryan on 25 November 2013

Now that we are firmly heading into winter we have dark mornings and it is becoming darker ever earlier in the evening. For a lot of people this often means leaving home for work and taking children to school in the mornings in the dark and travelling home in the evenings, also in the dark.

For those people who have dogs as pets, it means that walking your dog at both ends of the day will have to be done in the dark or gloom.

For those who are out and about in the dark, be it walking the dog or cycling, it is hugely important to keep safe and clearly visible to motorists.

In all these circumstances, it is advisable to invest wisely into some reflective clothing and equipment.

You can buy hi-vis jackets, body-warmers and over-trousers which are all excellent ways of keeping yourself visible when walking; these items can be bought with a waterproof finish, which means that you can keep yourself warm and dry as well as visible.

You can also buy a hi-vis covers to go over rucksacks and bags etc. – this is an effective added extra as often people forget that they can sometimes block the reflective clothing.

If you ride a bike, than you can buy a variety of reflectors and lights for your bike. For walking your dog, you can buy a hi-vis collars or leads, to keep your dog warm and dry you can also purchase hi-vis dog coats.

Purchasing hi-vis clothing or other items doesn’t have to cost a lot, but is a very, very worthwhile investment if it is going to keep you safe.

Protecting children whilst they walk or cycle to and from school is of utmost importance. Teach them the lessons of how to conduct themselves whilst they are walking to and from school in dark:

  • Whenever possible, walk to school with a parent, sibling, neighbour or friend.
  • Walk on pavements, if available. If there are no pavements, walk on the far right-hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.
  • When walking on the pavement or street, beware of cars pulling out of driveways.
  • Cross the street safely – look both ways.

If you are facing the prospect of horrid dark mornings and evenings when you have to walk your dog, then it is well worth protecting your dog too.

Safety reflective items don’t necessarily have to cost a lot. You may even be able to find some offers on reflective items, during the summer months when then demand is low, but: you cannot put a price on your own safety.

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