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LR Denim

Recycling or up-cycling an old pair of jeans is easy to do and saves the earth at the same time! Denim has to be the most popular fabric in the world, as everyone owns at least one pair of jeans. And why wouldn’t you? They’re durable, versatile and can be very stylish. Sometimes, no matter how much you love your favourite pair, they get too old and shabby to wear or they don’t fit anymore. But in most cases the material is still reusable and can be used for a variety of different projects.

If you want to recycle an old pair of jeans, want a cheap project to enjoy with the kids or just want eco-friendly alternatives check out our top 10 things you can make with old pairs of jeans. Some will require more skill than others, but we’re sure there will be something for everyone. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on social media!

The top 10 ways to recycle an old pair of jeans

  1. Denim slippers – Incredible as it may sound, if you are feeling a little bit crafty you can easily make slippers out of an old pair of jeans. Looking to have a better, greener lifestyle? This is an especially eco-friendly and cheap alternative to the usual slippers you can buy.
  2. A road system – You can cut jeans into fabric roads for your little one’s toy cars and vehicles. This can either be a whole road system or a great addition to your child’s current road play-mat. This is the perfect rainy day activity for children of all ages – the older children can help to make the roads while your younger ones can assemble the best race track ever! Learn how to make your child a fabric road system
  3. Bracelet craft project – Why not make a cute bracelet in a couple of minutes? If you are looking for a quick project or you only have a little fabric to recycle, then this is the craft for you. Recycle an old pair of jeans into a fun bracelet.
  4. A simple and easy bow tie – Turn some scraps of denim fabric into a  stylish bow tie that will spice up any shirt. Get the instructions here. 
  5. A practical, up-cycled pouf If you have a big family you are likely to have at least 1 pair of broken/old jeans per person. If so then this is the perfect project for you. Don’t have loads of old jeans at home but still eager to get stuck in with this craft project? You could ask your friends and family for their old jeans too. The best bit is that different shades of denim is preferable for this patchwork pouf.
  6. Wall organiser – Even if your old jeans have holes in the knees you may notice a beautifully styled pocket or two. Give those pretty pockets a purpose with this fantastic wall organiser! Perfect for kids of all ages and adults too, you can create a beautiful wall hanging and a great storage space. 
  7. Kids messy apron – Are you trying to re-purpose jeans that already have a few stubborn stains? We found a way for you to recycle them too. Save money on a plastic apron and save the environment at the same time. Try making your little one a messy apron for all their crafting and painting.
  8. Pencil case – Follow this step by step guide to make the best back to school present ever. All you need is your old denim fabric, a zip and a few other household items and you are set to go.
  9. Jeans tidy away – After you’ve cut your jeans into shorts you can turn those leftovers into useful tidy away fabric bowls. Via Repiny
  10. Toy whale – This one is for the expert sewers and the blue whale enthusiasts. Enjoy a rainy afternoon of sewing and make this sweet whale. When we saw how sweet these turn out we just had to add this to the list! 

Keep on recycling, reusing and up-cycling!

We hope you enjoy these eco-friendly crafts inspired by recycling an old pair of jeans.

Let us know, in the comments below, about your ideas for up-cycling. We’d love to get inspired by your thoughts!