10 ways to get fit for free

Written by Anthony Hill on 9 January 2015

Can’t afford to commit to the gym?

Not to worry, because the real key to keeping fit is simply to make the time to be active – and luckily there are plenty of ways you can do this for free!

Read our 10 simple tips to see how you could be leading a more active lifestyle without it costing you a penny.

1.Don’t pay for fitness DVDs…

There’s no need to spend a fortune on fitness DVDs when you can access tonnes of brilliant fitness workouts by visiting YouTube. There’s so many to choose from so you can pick from a range of workouts, including fitness tutorials from some of your favourite celebs

2. Spend time with the kids…

If you have children why not use your free time with the kids as an opportunity to get active? Go to the park and have a kick about, arrange a game of rounders for them and friends, or use the spare time to practice your hula hooping and skipping skills. This means spending quality time with your kids – keeping them entertained whilst keeping yourself fit for free.

You can find your nearest local park here https://www.gov.uk/find-your-local-park

3.Get cleaning…

It may not sound that inviting – but think about it – hoovering the house from top to bottom is a sure fire way to work up a sweat, and your house will be looking spotless by the end of it. Doing daily chores can burn as many calories as a session at the gym – so go on, blast your favourite music and get the vacuum out!

Check out the home activites calorie burning chart chart here

4. Get your running trainers out…

Running is a great way to keep fit for less, since all you need is a pair of trainers and a safe route. Listening to your favourite music can make running that bit more enjoyable and give you the boost you need. However, if it’s motivation you’re lacking you might like to team up with a running partner or join a running club to get started. That way it’s less easy to cancel if you decide you can’t be bothered!

5. Take the dog for a walk…

Volunteering yourself to take the dog for walks each day will not only make you very popular within the family, but will also mean you are getting a bit of fresh air and exercise. If you haven’t got a dog of your own you might like to consider arranging to go for an evening walk with a friend/neighbour, or accompanying them on their dog walks.

6. Choose the stairs…

If you regularly use the lift either at work or at home, try ditching it and taking the stairs instead. It might seem like a small change but climbing 3 sets of stairs a few times a day will soon benefit your fitness.

7. Drink lots of water…

When you’re making an effort to be more active it’s all the more important to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water won’t cost you a thing, but it will ensure oxygen and glucose can be effectively transported around your body when exercising. What’s more, drinking a cold pint of water first thing in the morning helps to boost your metabolism for the day, which will in turn help your body to burn fat better.

8. Plan your meals…

Creating a meal plan at the start of the week will not only help in terms of organising the family, but will also mean that meals are cost effective and will make shopping easier. Knowing what you are going to be making to eat each night will help you to monitor your diet, eat healthier and avoid turning to tak aways.

9. Know what facilities are available to you…

Contact your local council to find out what free sports facilities are available in your area. There may be tennis courts or swimming sessions you could be accessing for free, so visit the website to make sure you and your family aren’t missing out!

10. Go for a walk…

Take advantage of some of the beautiful walking routes across the UK which are completely free. Visit the Walking for Health website or http://www.ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/find-a-walk-or-route.aspx  to find a list of walking routes in your area.

Share your fitness ideas with us – Simple submit your ideas below and we’ll publish the best ones!


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