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Get personalised
free debt help

If you’ve found the effect of Coronavirus has tipped your finances over the edge, we’re here to help. Call us on 0800 280 2816

Get free debt help

Freephone: 0800 280 2816 Mon to Fri 8am–8pm Sat 9am–3pm

Get personalised
free debt help

If you’ve found the effect of Coronavirus has tipped your finances over the edge, we’re here to help. Call us on 0800 280 2816

Get free debt help


As one of the UK’s leading free debt advice providers, we offer trusted, expert help & advice to anyone struggling with multiple debts. Since 1992, we've helped over 1 million people take control of their finances.

We offer:

Debt Solutions

To find out the options available to you, call one of our friendly advisers on 0800 280 2816 for a confidential, reassuring chat or complete our online form.

Debt Advice

We can help with advice on bailiffs, legal action, benefits and more. You’ll find all the information you need by visiting our online advice section or live chat us now.


Fill in our simple, 3-step form to get immediate debt help and advice.

100% secure and confidential


Get instant advice on our most frequently asked questions with all the contact details & additional help you’ll need.


If you’ve got bailiffs at your door, do you know your rights? Find out what they can - and can’t do, here.

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Default Notice

A default notice might seem scary but don’t panic. Get advice on dealing with your creditors now.

Learn more

Repossession & Eviction

If your home is at risk, it’s important to act fast. Follow these steps to find out how to keep it safe.

Learn more

Rent Arrears

Read our step-by-step guide to dealing with your landlord and how to prioritise your rent payments.

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How are PayPlan Funded?

We receive donations from the credit industry. Our debt advice and debt management plans are 100% free.


The amount of people we give FREE DEBT ADVICE to, on average, each week


The total amount of debt WRITTEN OFF for PayPlan Partnership Limited clients in 2015.


The amount of people we gave FREE CONFIDENTIAL DEBT ADVICE to in 2015.


The average debt level of our clients last year, BEFORE we helped them.

We’re one of a number of organisations that provide free debt advice. If you’d like more information on other sources of free debt help and advice you can visit MoneyHelper. Set up to put people in control with impartial money help that’s on their side, backed by government and free to use.

What our Clients say

We work hard to ensure we give our clients the best help and advice possible. We talk them through every suitable debt solution and offer continued support and assistance for as long as they need us. As a result of our service, our clients have left us some fantastic feedback and reviews.

Helpful and reassuring

After consulting a debt help agency I was put in touch with Payplan and thereafter they arranged for me to enter into an IVA. This has been running now for several months and has worked very well for me. I had been under tremendous strain because of my debt situation and I am now able to manage my finances without the constant stress and worry which I suffered previously. Payplan explained all of the options open to me; the staff were always helpful and reassuring and guided me through the entire process. I would recommend Payplan to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to myself.

- April 15

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